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Upon first glance, you might wonder what my sideline as a professional photographer has to do with online strategies and communications, but the ability to see what's really present and capture the essence of people and places, those are at the heart of my interest in the photographic arts. The ability to see what is is also the core strength of great strategic consultants too, and visualization is a muscle that must be constantly exercised.

Foggy Hillside, Oregon Coastline, 2003. © 2003 by Dave Taylor.
The Fog Rolls In, Otter Crest, Oregon, 2003

I've handled a wide variety of professional photographic assignments in the last decade or so, ranging from pictures of the research vessels at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute for a magazine, to individual and professional portrait work, special events and weddings. My basic philosophy is that photography is fundamentally about capturing what is more than anything else.

Boy Grinning, With Hood, 2004. © 2004 by Dave Taylor.
Boy Grinning, With Hood, 2004

I particularly enjoy taking photographs of children and of special events focused on children, and have done commissioned work for various schools. Much more than adults, children offer the opportunity to capture the complete range of emotions, from joy, delight and whimsy to anger, frustration and embarassment. As adults, we have decades of practice hiding our emotions, but children, they are living life one second at a time, pushing the envelope and exploring their world, one rock, one sidewalk crack and one flower at a time.

I invite you to visit my professional photography Web site and explore a small part of my portfolio: Colorado

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