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Friday evening:
1: DHTML and how it relates to HTML
2: 30 Minute Crash Course on HTML 4.01
Saturday morning:
5: The CSS Language
6: Basic CSS Usage
7: Nifty Font Tricks
8: Additional CSS Text Control
9: CSS Lists
10: Backgrounds and Colors
Saturday afternoon
11: Margins and Borders
12: Positioning Content with CSS
13: Visibility, the CSS Solution
14: Layering Content: 3D Web Pages
15: Putting it all together: drop-down menus
16: Cool CSS Tricks
Saturday night
17: The Document Object Model
18: Writing and Debugging JavaScript
19: Testing Browser Compatibility
20: Creating a cross-platform JavaScript Library
Sunda morning
21: Graphical Rollovers
22: DHTML Scrolling Text
23: Clocks and Calendars
24: Forms and testing values
25: Navigation with Menus
26: Working with Windows
Sunday afternoon
27: Web site memory with cookies
28: Poetry and Pictures
29: Putting it all Together

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