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viiparagraph 2 10 "...figuring out the alphabet-soup terms..." shouldn't have a double-space.
6last paragraph 2 "Ted Berners-Lee" should, of course, be "Tim Berners-Lee".
19paragraph 5 (begins with "And you still...")7 ".. guarantee that you certain to end up with.." should instead be phrased as "guarantee that you will end up with..."
25table 3-24 the description of the \n and \r are reversed: a \r is a carriage return, while \n is a line feed.
25last paragraph6 "modify the preceding examples as follows" should refer to example (singular) not examples (plural).
27last code listing1 val = (salary == newsalary); // false
is actually TRUE and the comment should reflect this.
31third code listing1 var hold = b;
should correctly be:
var hold = a; otherwise it doesn't swap values.
35last paragraph5 "against the latest Microsoft browser" should refer to "browsers" plural.
65cost listing 21 The closing '>' should in fact be a ']' in the line A[link=""> { font-weight: bold; }
99listing2 stray backquote before lower-greek on second entry of table.
100paragraph 12 "as in the table indicates." should have the word "in" deleted.
116question 31 The word SPAN should be
<SPAN> (with the angle brackets)
121code listing, line 13 The <BODY tag has a spare space after the semicolon but before the quote. It should read:
<BODY STYLE="margin: 1cm;">
without the space.
126code listing, line 73 unnecessary space after semicolon. Line should appear:
<P STYLE="border: 10px inset;">
163second code fragment 4 The reference to document should be document.all in both lines.
165paragraph 4 6 "... Holmes story titles" should read "... Holmes web sites".
169paragraph 15 "in the <SCRIPT> tag is within..." should actually refer to the SCRIPT block, not the tag itself: "in the <SCRIPT> block is within..."
169code listing 2 and 31 There are four references to style.display='block' or style.display='none' they should all instead refer to the attribute visibility, as follows:

in listing 2, and

... menu1.visibility='visible' }"


...'hidden'; }
... menu1.visibility='hidden'; }"
171paragraph 23 to clarify what's being discussed, the end of the sentence should be changed from "and 630+75, 5+100 for the ..." to "and 630+75 (width of cell), 5+100 (height of cell) for the..."
171last code listing1 "margin: 25px;" should correctly read "margin: 1em;"
172first code listing1 "margin: 25px;" should correctly read "margin: 1em;"
173first code listing1 "margin: 25px;" should correctly read "margin: 1em;"
178paragraph 15 "modifies theBug is to append it." should have the word "is" deleted.
192tip3 W3C does not have anything to do with JavaScript and that should be removed from the listed standards. The tail of the first sentence should therefore read: "... CSS, and more."
202-205various1 All occurances of <SCRIPT LANG="JavaScript"> should be replaced with <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> By my count, there are three on page 202, one on page 203, and one on 205.
206paragraph 75 The enumeration "50-thousand" is awkward. Replace it with "50,000" instead.
214code listing 11 <SCRIPT LANG="JavaScript"> should be <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
230last code listing1 <SCRIPT LANG="JavaScript"> should be <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> instead.
242paragraph 19 "Sunday afternoon" should in fact read "Sunday morning"
242code listing1 SCRIPT LANG="JavaScript" should read SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
255code listing, line 21 A subtle problem: the words Times Roman should be surrounded with single quotes, as in: 11pt Times, 'Times Roman', serif;
271paragraph 13 The < before the word SPAN is in the wrong typeface.
273paragraph 12 Two problems here. First, "highlight on-screen it" should be "highlight it on-screen". Secondly, the parenthetical (color #DDD) should appear immediately after the phrase "light-gray background", not at the end of the sentence.
283penultimate paragraph2 "which removes the removal of the check mark from the box" would be much better phrased as "which removes the check mark from the extra sauce box"
286last code listing1 the line:
if (cents < 10) cents = "" + cents + "0";
is wrong. It should read:
if (cents < 10) cents = "" + "0" + cents;
to be correct.
288paragraph 25 "on other settings in the form" should be "on other values in the form"
307note1 The word SPAN in the code listing within this NOTE should be prefaced with an open angle bracket: <
309paragraph 21 the words "link pointed to the new window" should be in 'code' typeface, as it's part of the example
311last paragraph2 Extensive change: from "Because you can use the object that the window open() call feeds back to you with document.write and similar statements, seeing how this function works is quite cool, as ..." to "Because you can use the new window object with document.write and similar statements, this function proves nifty, as ..."
313last paragraph7 "to pop up after visitors leave the page" should instead read as "to pop up as visitors leave the page"
324table 27-13 description of "path" should be rephrased as: "Area of Web site to which cookie applies."
326paragraph 61 The reference to a cookie called "count-1" is wrong: it should simply be called "count".
330last two lines of code listing2 The "(0)" should move up to the end of the penultimate line, to make this example a bit more clear:
... onClick="history.go(0)");
336throughout2 extensive problems on this page. Paragraph 1: "wrapping it in <SCRIPT" should be "wrapping it in a <SCRIPT". paragraph 3, "that action simply resets" should have the word 'simply' deleted. Paragraph 5: "In fact, the only" should be "The only" instead. Paragraph 5 again: "whereas IE expects them as global" can be better phrased as "whereas IE sets them as globally accessible variables." last paragraph: "drags the mouse" should be "drags the object with the mouse"
336paragraph 61 There should be no reference to "clientX and clientY" as they don't show up in the code example shown here. This paragraph should simply read: "In the preceding code, the offsetX and offsetY values are coordinates relative to the containing element (the browser window). I know - it's confusing!"
337code listing1 there's a stray "11" in this listing just below <BODY that should be removed.
337paragraph 34 "each of the <DIV>s that contains slices has..." should be "each of the <DIV>s that contain a slice has..." and later in the sentence, "an easy CSS" should be "a single CSS".

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