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Special Note: if you've installed NotePads Plus from the 2nd Edition CDROM you might be seeing some annoying Web3000 banner ads in Internet Explorer. To get rid of it (I can't blame you a bit!) please go to Windows Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, then uninstall NotePads Plus.

Indispensible Windows Software:

HTML and Web Page Editors

Microsoft FrontPage
This is a great program and one of the most popular
tools for developing your Web site. Win95 Logo

Hot Dog Pro
I don't get it, why is this so popular? Download it and decide for yourself...

Claris Home Page
If you can't cope with Microsoft, then Claris Home Page is a great alternative Web page development environment.

Hot Metal Pro
Weird and quirky, this might be your cuppa tea. It's not mine.



Graphics Utilities

Map This!
If you're building image maps by hand, you're unquestionably a candidate for the loony bin. Get this great program and your life will be instantly better.

PaintShop Pro
I've been spoiled by Photoshop, but if you want a passable graphics editor, this is a good alternative...

GIF Construction Set
A quick and easy way to build animated GIFs

Fun Stuff

You'll know the weather anytime you're online. Don't forget to check the weather where my sister lives: North Pole, Alaska.

WS Ping
For the unavowed, unrepentant geeks in the audience. Ping sites to your hearts content with this funky Windows app.

Personal Stock Monitor
It's the fifteen-minute delayed ticker, but you can keep track of your stock with this slick program without even having to talk with your broker!

Email Utilities

Eudora Light
This is another one of those 'why is this so darn popular?' applications. Eudora is a standard for email on the net, but it's so clunky. Oh well, at least this version is free...

e-mail Notify
Gotten any email in the last fifteen seconds?

Other and Miscellaneous Utilities

CSE 3310 HTML Validator
A pretty cool program that can check that your HTML is clean and hiccup-free

McAfee Anti-Virus
The net can be an evil place. Protect yourself with a solid and trustworthy anti-virus program. JUST DO IT!

FTP Explorer
Don't even tell me that you've been using WS_FTP or some other crummy FTP interface to upload and download files. FTP Explorer is a way cool FTP program and you should be using it and supporting the author.

Indispensible Macintosh Software:

HTML Editors

Claris Home Page
my favorite commercial HTML editor!
mac logo

Adobe PageMill
PageMill is okay, but the SiteMill portion is really what
makes this a winner for managing your site.

Bare Bones Software BBEdit
if you're into working at the source level, reveling in the guts of your HTML, then BBEdit can't be beat. I use it all the time.

SoftQuad Hot Metal Pro

HTML Editor


Useful Tools and Utilities

StuffIt Expander
A must-have for any net downloads

Graphics Tools

Graphic Converter
I've been a fan of this graphics program for a long time. It can read and write just about every format invented, as far as I can tell.






If you're going to do maps and need a standalone tool, this is it.

A special mention should go to Adobe Photoshop, an expensive commercial program that I think is wonderful. It's tricky to learn and you won't be able to download a copy or figure it out in an afternoon, but I guarantee that if you take the time, you'll find it a winner!

Plug-Ins: like Netscape Navigator, Photoshop supports third-party plug-ins, and here are a couple of my favorites:

FTP and File Management Tools

FTP Utilities

My preferred file transfer utility, with great drag & drop
(see the special license details on their site)

Make your Mac an instant Web and FTP server

Fun for experimenting, but not a robust solution.

Fun Stuff: Netnews Readers


don't forget that you can read netnews in your Web browser now too, if you have Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer

More Fun Stuff

A spiffy way to keep track of the weather!

A great replacement for SimpleText and a nice little editor too!


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