Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages

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There are two chapters (well, one chapter and a popular appendix) from the book available online for your perusal:

Chapter 14: Style Sheets

If there's one thing that's constant with the Web, it's change. The HTML language itself is no different, as you have learned, but the one change that's formalized in the 4.0 specification of the hypertext markup language that has the potential to totally change the Web is style sheets. Known more formally as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), it's a way for us Web designers to redefine the meaning of any HTML tag within a document or throughout a site...

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Appendix A: Building Your First Page
Now that your knowledge and understanding of the HTML language and the capabilities of various Web browsers put you into the top one percent of the Internet community, you're ready to rock and roll, right? Hopefully, you've already been experimenting with some of the ideas in the book, but to make sure you get off to a good start, this appendix will show you, step by step, exactly how I create a simple Web page and upload it to a remote Web server for everyone to enjoy...

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