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"Creating Cool HTML 4 Web Pages", by Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor's lucid guide to creating Web pages has been updated to include the latest HTML 4 standards. The book is written so that beginners can grasp the concepts, but intermediate-level Web authors will find a lot of help here, too. Taylor uses his own award-winning Web sites as examples. After he helps you design your pages, Taylor shows you where to put up your Web site and how to publicize it.

Elizabeth Lewis, Amazon.Com Editor


"[this book] made me wish I'd had it on hand in the early days, instead of grappling with the ultra-technical W3C standards document. I've read lots of HTML manuals since then - many of them bigger, fatter, and more complex - but this is one of the few I'm going to keep by as a handy reference, because it's so clearly written and well-organised.

Roy Johnson


"Creating Cool IS Cool
Once you have read most of the book, you will know all about HTML 4.0 and how it is implemented in Netscape and Internet Explorer. This is a book for anyone who wants to learn HTML 4.0, and for people who already know HTML, but want to hone their skills. And any page that you create using this book is certainly going to be cool!

Jennifer Kymin, The Mining Co.


"This reference book is a great guide for Web design beginners, or for that matter anyone who doesn't know HTML 4.0 like the back of their hand. As well as covering all aspects of the HTML 4.0 spec, it offers advice on designing a truly professional web page. As Dave Taylor has designed many award wining sites, you can be sure that the advice given is good. The tips I personally found most useful were though dealing with "graceful degradation", (ie making you site look good even when the browser used does not support all the features of the site)."

Andy Hedges, Editor, WebMastery


"Buy this book if you have any interest in writing your own HTML documents. Whether you are bored to tears by programming (as I generally am) or scribble structured code on birthday cards, Taylor will grab your attention, teach you hundreds of HTML tricks and make you a Webmaster in spite of yourself."

David Hakala, Boardwatch Magazine


"If you're feeling a bit intimidated about getting into Web page creation, this may be just what you need."

Anthony Boyd, WEBSurf


"Internet master Dave Taylor has given us an excellent primer on using HTML and using it well. This book is for those who need to learn the basics of Web publishing and the ins and outs of hypertext markup language, who want their Web pages to look sharp, and who need to know how to get others to visit them... Like a good textbook, each chapter explicitly notes what you will learn and why. Points are explained with short paragraphs, examples of code, and illustrations of the results. Sprinkled along the way are tips and techniques that will help you become a Webmeister much faster, from when to time-stamp documents to handling special characters."

Elizabeth Crowe, Computer Currents


".. I think Creating Cool Web Pages with HTML is a well thought out book which will make many peoples' first efforts with HTML considerably more pleasant."

Danny Yee


"The author, Dave Taylor, has successfully created a book which is easy to read as well as comprehend... Everything about this book is presented clearly and concisely...Every page in the book is visually creative through a plethora of pictures, figures, graphics, headers, bullets etc. Taylor receives a gold star for readability."

Kimberly Haus


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