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Book Errata

It's inevitable, even with a team of technical and copy editors and three close proofreads of the book and production galleys as the project proceeded: there are going to be some hiccups and some typos in the book. This page contains a list of all known errata reported to date, and if you have something you've found that you think might be a problem worth including, please don't hesitate to contact me to let me know about it. Also note that I only list the first page where the problem occurs - in some instances it is then repeated in other spots in the book.


62 A glitch crept in during the production process and we missed a critical attribute in the link tag. For it to work across all browsers, you must include rel="stylesheet" within the link tag.
66 Speaking of glitches, I got tripped up with typographical conventions versus CSS attributes and incorrectly identified the CSS method of specifying italics as font-style:italics. In fact, you need to use the singular "italic" for this to be accurate: font-style:italic.
81 There's a typo in the prose describing definition lists: it says
Definition Description (<d> and </dd>)
when it should of course actually state:
Definition Description (<dd> and </dd>)
83 The example on the bottom of this page showing how you can use CSS to change the style of a definition "term" is wrong: instead of referring to the dd tag, it should refer to the dt tag, which makes that CSS style line look like this:
dt { font-weight: bold; }
84 There's a formatting error in the section entitled "Good List, Bad List" whereby the left angle brackets in front of both the <dt> and <dd> ended up with the wrong formatting. It suggests that I'm emphasizing those two characters, but I am not. Yes, this is a "nit".
240 There's a logic error in the swap function, of all things! The second line should not read "var hold = b;" as it does in the book, but should rather be var hold = a;, otherwise swap just assigns both variables to the original value of b.

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