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Consulting Services

There's no point in teaching, speaking and writing about cutting-edge technologies and complex management issues if it doesn't come from a base of experience. The adage "those who can, do. Those who can't, teach" doesn't even come close to applying. Instead, I offer consulting services in two main areas: management consulting and thoughtful technical solutions.

Management Solutions
I believe quite strongly that success isn't about "hacking something together over a weekend" or "shipping the prototype", but thinking, planning, anticipating, and deploying. It's exactly where I have proven an invaluable asset, whether to run a full-day strategic planning workshop, or to help as a more formal business advisor to the firm. All of the management solutions are explored in detail at Growing Ventures.

Search Engine and Web Site Optimization
Given that I already spend hundreds of hours exploring different methods of optimizing Web sites for my own purposes, trying to ensure that when people search on key phrases and key words that they find my sites rather than those of my competitors, it's only inevitable that clients have started asking me to help them with this voodoo work too. In fact, I'm keeping somewhat of an online notebook at Free Web Money. If you want help with your findability, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Technical Solutions
An inveterate programmer and designer since the earliest days of the Internet era, I enjoy creating innovative and elegant solutions for complex technical problems. Recent technical projects include Web site development, back-end database programming for existing sites, custom tools and solutions for Internet and Unix systems, and more. I'm also currently developing two new Web-based systems, one offering a fast, custom URL redirection service, and the other scraping a government computer system for custom data that's then mailed to subscribers.

I also recently began releasing Unix-level programs within the Mac OS X community, beginning with Limpet, an RSS-related utility that works with NetNewsWire.

Whatever problem you're facing with your business, be it management related or specific technical challenges, I can identify, find, and, if necessary, invent the necessary solution. A solution that will be thoughtful, elegant, and robust. An intuitive solution.